Connect to Cloud Services in Minutes

The Synergy Enterprise Cloud Toolbox - a software Application Project that together with the Synergy AE-CLOUD1 kit, provides a reference design and starting point for users to connect in 10 minutes or less to enterprise clouds such as Microsoft Azure™, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform™. The Enterprise Cloud Toolbox allows developers to use the SSP’s integrated Message Queue Telemetry Transport for NetX Duo™ and NetX Secure™ Transport Layer Security to connect to their cloud vendor of choice, makes it easy for users to visualize their sensor data on a password protected, private dashboard streaming live to the cloud from Synergy MCU-based hardware over Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection. The reference design saves embedded developers weeks or even months to create a secure end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) application for monitoring and controlling the surrounding environment in home, building, or industrial automation systems.

Key features of Renesas Synergy™ AE-CLOUD1 Kit MCU Board:

  • Renesas Synergy™ S5D9 MCU Group with Arm® Cortex®-M4F @120 MHz with 2 MB Flash and 640 KB SRAM.
  • 256 Mbits serial Nor QSPI Flash
  • 6-axis digital compass
  • Microphone
  • Barometric pressure
  • Relative temperature and humidity sensors
  • 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port
  • USB 2.0 Full Speed (Device and 5 V Power)
  • 2 x Grove connectors (I2C/GPIO, UART/GPIO)
  • 3 x colored LEDs (Red, Yellow, Green)
Wi-Fi Board
Offering 802.11 b/g/n connectivity using Qualcomm Atheros’ QCA4002, supported by the Synergy Wi-Fi Framework.

Embedded Software
Programming at the API level using Synergy Software Package (SSP) with production ready RTOS, middleware, security, frameworks, libraries, and drivers.

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The Starter Pack is a great set of resources to start understanding the value of the Renesas Synergy Platform and Synergy Enterprise Cloud Toolbox.
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