Download our white paper: Saving plant maintenance costs through reduced sensor power consumption

guide This white paper describes a method for reducing the power consumption of sensor systems by utilising the standby functions of a microcontroller. In concrete terms, the frequency of sensor measurements is reduced and the system is kept in a standby condition for as long as possible. Furthermore, abnormality detection is also performed while remaining in this state.

The 16-bit RL78/G11 MCU from Renesas provides numerous peripheral functions that are available in standby mode. By combining these functions, it is possible to realise abnormality detection and alarm output without having to take the chip out of standby mode.

Download the white paper by entering your details to the right and discover the advantages of:
•  Peripheral functions used for sensor processing
•  Using a time for intermittent operation in standby mode
•  Fast abnormality detection and no-delay processing

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